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General meeting

Date: February, 27th 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Afro-Asia Institute Türkenstraße 3, 1090 Wien

Time: 16:00 Hours

Aims and Objectives of the Society

The Society’s aims and objectives are located in article two of its Constitution. These aims and objectives of the Society shall, inter alias, be:

1. To uphold and promote the Igbo culture and cultural heritage;

2. To harness the combined resources of members, to project and foster the noble image of the Igbo;

3. To assist in preserving the identity and unity of the Igbo;

4. To encourage unity and closer ties among Ndiigbo resident in Austria;

5. To provide a forum for general discussions by members of the Society in Austria on matters affecting their general welfare;

6. To promote better understanding of the Igbo Cultural Society internationally, and its appreciation in Austria;

7. To facilitate friendship and co-operation among all Nigerian peoples in Austria and with nationals of the host country, Austria.