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ICS General meeting

Date: Last Saturday of February to October and First Saturday in December

Venue: Afro-Asia Institute Türkenstraße 3, 1090 Wien

Obituary Announcement

Chinua Achebe


ojukwu ikemba


With deep Sorrow in our hearts, Ndiigbo in Vienna-Austria wish to bid their Hero the final Farewell and pay him their last Homage. Though you’re gone, but your Legacy will continue to stay behind. And your Legacy is Large. Wikipedia.org: He stood up and fought for what he believed. He stood for justice. He refused to compromise. He challenged man's inhumanity to man Ikemba (Strength of the people), Dikedioramma ("beloved hero of the masses"). Ojukwu said "As a committed democrat, every single day under an un-elected government hurts me. The citizens of this country are mature enough to make their own choices, just as they have the right to make their own mistakes". Nigeria and Africa lost a wonderful opportunity. Just but a few. end. Our Hero is free at Last and we wish him an absolute Rest in Peace.

Adieus! Adieus!! Adieus!!!

Mazi Simeon C. Eronini                                                                         Mazi Chris Uzodimma Ozoike
Chairman, ICS-Austria                                                                       General Secretary, ICS-Austria



The Igbo Cultural Society Austria wishes to convey their condolence message to Eronini Family.
Remember, when your mum was born, there was joy; now she is gone there are sadness, and mourning. She came, she conquered, she delivered and she went. In interpretation, that means mission accomplished. Blessed be the Hero.
Spirit never dies, so she is not dead, she has just passed to the other side after life.
Do not quake, you are on the side of God, he will care for you, he will reward you, he will comfort you all that mourn her. “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matt. 5:4”
Ndiigbo are wishing her to Rest in Everlasting Peace.

Mazi Chris Uzodimma OZOIKE                                                              Mazi Simeon C. ERONINI
General Secretary, ICS-Austria                                                              Chairman, ICS-Austria

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edmund uwakwe
Mr. Edmund Uwakwe was born in Nigeria on the 15th of August, 1950. He died on the 9th of February 2009 at 17.15 hours, at Hanusch Hospital Vienna, Austria, at the age of 58. We will remember him forever.
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