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Date: Saturday 1st April

Venue: Crystal Saal: Niedermoser Strasse 18-20, 1220 Vienna

Time: 18:30 Hours Details

GENERAL ELECTION - 1st  July 2018

In accordance with Article 11 of the current constitution of the Igbo Cultural Society Austria (ICS) and in conjunction with the decision reached at the last general assembly meeting, the Electoral Commission for Nomination of Candidates for the General Election 2018.

List of vacant offices to which elections are to be held

1. Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3. General Secretary
4. Assistant General Secretary
5. Finance Secretary
6. Treasurer/Assistant Financial Secretary
7. Social/Welfare Secretary
8. Assistant Social / Welfare Secretary
9. Provost
10.Assistant Provost

The nomination form is attached. Please complete the form and return to the E-mail address as indicated on the form. Alternatively, completed nomination forms could as well be given to any member of the Electoral Commission.

The deadline for the submission of completed nomination forms is on the 30th March 2018.

For any further information, please contact any member of the Electoral Commission member below:
NZEKWU Samuel: 0699 195 339 68; OKPATA Francis: 0676 353 6523; EZEUDEGBUNAM Jonathan: 0676 331 2713

Please note that only registered members who have paid their dues up-to-date can participate fully in the election. In other words, can vote and be voted for.
The Manifesto and Elections will take place on the 1st  July 2018


Mr. NZEKWU Samuel
Chairman Electoral Commission

Mr. OKPATA Francis
Secretary Electoral Commission

Provost Electoral Commission