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Membership/Registraion form

Article three of the constitution of the Society makes provisions for whoever that is interested  to become a member of this Organisation. Membership is defined in the following means: 

1.  There shall be two types of membership, namely, Ordinary and Honorary:

a)     Ordinary Membership shall be open to any one who by virtue of birth, is of Igbo parentage, and/or claims, feels and accepts himself as an Igbo, irrespective of acquisition of other nationality (citizenship) by naturalisation or otherwise;

b)     Honorary Membership shall be open to individuals whose station or achievements could help further the aims and objectives of the Society. 

2.     Enrolment forms for Ordinary and Honorary Membership shall be issued by the General Secretary and shall be completed by the applicant with a recent passport size photograph attached. 

3.     Membership in the Society takes effect upon submission of duly completed enrolment form to the General Secretary, and payment of registration fee.   

 4.     The enrolment and registration fee is non-refundable.    

If you wish to enrol online or know more about enrolment please click here (PDF117kb) for the Application and Registration form which is same as the one below: