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General meeting

Ten Years, Igbo Cultural Society - New Yam Festival Anniversary in Austria.

Two day Event Featuring: SYMPOSIUM Friday, 15.09.2006

Venue: To be announced later Time:    15:00 hours – 21:00 hours 

International Symposium with renowned Igbo Personalities from within and outside Austria especially from Nigeria and eventually America.

Papers will be presented on the following suggested topics:

1.    Igbo Cultural Heritage,

2.    The name Ji and its importance in the life of the Igbos,  

3.    Igbo Cultural Society and its contribution to the Socio-Cultural development in Austria,

4.    The contributions of the Igbos in the socio-political state of the present Nigeria,

                 NEW YAM FESTIVAL (ERNTEDANKFEST) Saturday, 16.09.2006,

    Venue:  MGC, MOC Wien; MGC Festival Hall C

                  Modecenterstr. 22, A- 1030 Vienna, U3 Gasometer Stop

     Time:       19:00 hours – 04:00 hours 

The Event will be rounded up with Cultural activities/ Concerts with colourful display of Igbo Cultural Heritage in different dimensions like Masquerade, Cultural dances, Drums bits, Bende War dance display, children songs etc. (Venue see B. section above)

The climax of the Cultural Display would be “Live Feature” of one of our illustrious son and well known Musician in the name of Oliver de Qegue.

Dignitaries from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, USA, Nigeria and host Country Austria just to mention but few will be attending to this August Event. Since this Event is a “Decade Event” some Personalities from all works of life ranging from government, private and public arena would be participating.   


For many who have once attended this great Event, the New Yam Festival celebration is an annual Thanksgiving celebration at which the Igbos give thanks to God Almighty (Chukwu) for His blessings during the year; in particular, for the year’s new yam crops and abundant harvests. And of course we never fail to seize the opportunity of the occasion to ask God for more blessings. Since the birth of this Society in 1996 we have observed this Thanksgiving every year. We are, especially, honoured that so many people have always taken time away from important chores to come down and celebrate with us.  

This years Event has its special significant in nature for the fact that the Igbo Cultural Society itself is ten years this year. As a result of that, this year is slated for two days. The first day will feature symposium with prominent Igbos within and out Austria while the second day will be rounded up with a cultural Event in celebration of the New Yam (See above).  

So our dearly friends and well-wishers, we expect to have you once again as one of those who actively patronises us each time we call on you especially to this “decade event” to celebrate with us.

For your information, we in Austria have learnt over the years that this cultural event plays important role in promoting unity and understanding among ourselves, as Nigerians, promoting understanding between us and our adopted country Austria, and improving the Nigerian image in Austria.

 The New Yam Festival has become an important part of our social life in Austria and we are proud to have exported this Igbo tradition to our host country in Diaspora. It is with pleasure that we have watched it, over the years; gradually seep into the social fabric of our adopted country. 

We are pleased to note that over the years average participants of about two thousand three hundred (2300) have attended each year. Months before the date of the “New Yam Festival” is announced, Nigerians living in Austria, the citizens of the host country and other nations also living in Austria, get on and schedule to attend the Event.  The New Yam Festival has long become a house-hold name in Austria that everyone wants to be part of.   

Dear all please come and celebrate with us.  

For more information contact the following Officers: Here.