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It was difficult for the founding fathers and the general
membership of the Igbo Cultural Society Austria to watch,
in desperation, their hard-earned Igbo apex association in
Austria practically “disappear.”
A few members, though, envisaged the gravity of an
impending collapse and were worried at the possible

This happened at the close of an inconclusive meeting
called to consider the issue. At that meeting, two elders
in attendance (Mr. Sunny Agbah and Mag.pharm. Dominic
Aghaizu) strongly disapproved of the conduct and behaviour
displayed by several others. Following up, we both decided
to call an extraordinary meeting to formally brief the
general membership about what had truly transpired.
At the meeting, which involved elders, opinion builders
and several members of the Society, an agreement was
reached to consolidate what was left and decide on a way
forward. The primary target was to save the society from
imminent collapse. The extraordinary meeting agreed on a
Caretaker Committee (CTC), installed with hands
outstretched to the then incumbent executive for
cooperation to save the society from further drailment.
The Caretaker Committee Members were Mr. Sunny Aghah
(Finance agenda); Mr. Raphael Ahameful (Social agenda);
Mr. Emeka Agu (Secretary); Dr. Francis Ogoegbunam
Coordinator elders); Mr. Ikenna Denis Afuchie
(Coordinator youth); and Mag. Pharm. Dominic Aghaizu
(Protem chairman).

Although first of its kind in the history of the Igbo
Cultural Society Austria, the Caretaker Committee was
committed to pursuing a re-invigoration and reconciliation
course by reaching out to all (elders and youths alike)
with corridors wide open. The drive was aimed at bringing
all back to the main stream of the association.
To realize the tasks ahead, the Committee introduced a
Questionnaire to all to understand more about the
yearnings and the concerns of members and the methods that
would be necessary to repair the disrupted, disjointed
original infrastructure.

Responding to the findings drawn from the Questionnaire,
such issues as Outstanding Benefits and Privileges of
members were attended to and subsequently dealt with.
There were settlements of disputes within some sub-units
of Igbo associations as well as structural differences
which were amicably resolved. There was outreach to the
incumbent executives and a memorandum of understanding was
successfully agreed upon as were solid ties with the Igbo
Women’s Association. A Bill introducing the reduction of
accrued Dues (only dues) at a 50% mark was introduced,
debated and passed by the general house. This was a
remarkable achievement impacted upon by the Caretaker
Committee during their tenure of office.
Further accomplishments of the Caretaker Committee
included the revival of our abandoned Sports and New Yam
Festivals. These were brought back to life. There was
renewed confidence on the part of our sponsors, and
reinvigorated energy of Trust among our members reflected
positively via their pecuniary input into the coffers the

In concert with the level of confidence and the synergyeffect
derived from the general house, the Statue of the
Igbo Cultural Society Austria was revised and passed. A
general election was conducted with success. This general
election was a parameter that measured the level of our
commitment to serve the Igbo Cultural Society.
(Four members of the Caretaker Committee are in the
present elected Executive members)
We certainly take pleasure in thanking all the members of
the Caretaker Committee for their fellowship, devotion and
perseverance to rescue the society from imminent comatose.
Many thanks equally go to our elders and opinion builders,
including our ex-Chairmen with their officials and,
indeed, our younger generation.

For their unparalleled and unwavering support, we also
thank our Sponsors and the leadership of various sub-unit
Igbo associations for responding to our requests any time
they are called upon to so.

The dreams of the present Executive are to remain on
course re the achievements generated by the Caretaker
Committee; infuse more attractiveness to the society; play
its role as the apex Igbo association; stabilize and
create a positive environment for bringing about change.
We would like to mitigate and elbow with the community of
Immigrant cultural societies here resident in Austria to
exercise our cultural diversity. We plan to expand our
platform of understanding with the Embassy of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria in Austria, the National Association
of Nigeria Community in Austria, the Igbo associations
located in various regions of Austria and the Nigerian
ethnic national associations.
The present Executive furthermore sees itself obliged to
start Igbo language lessons here in Austria to promote our
cultural heritage. The Executive would want to examine
how best to help alleviate hardship concerns encroaching
upon the Igbo of south eastern Nigeria. There is a
serious need to gradually harness available

On this day of our 20th Anniversary 2016, we applaud and
support the efforts of the organizing committee who have
worked dedicatedly with the Executive to give this
anniversary the necessary facelift.
We have a clarion call to Igbo generations yet unborn in
our host country to keep the candle and touch of unity of
the Igbo burning as we gear towards another anniversary
and beyond.

Ad Multos Annos
Written by:
Mag.pharm. Dominic Aghaizu
Chairman, Igbo Cultural Society Austria (CTC).
(Ex-chair, Caretaker Committee).