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Although time runs faster than expected, but the incumbent executive is working tirelessly to energize our community and move it to the next level. The executive body is determined not only to harness the existing structures of the Igbo Cultural Society Austria (ICS), but also to hold to it.

The executive is a sound mixture of personalities, who have proven their worth in the society and  are ready at all times to offer selfless-services to our community in the interest the  of the Igbo Cultural Society Austria (ICS).

A big thank you goes to the members of ICS for their trust and confidence, and above all, for their support at all times to this executive committee.
A big thank you goes to the members of the ICS for their trust and confidence in the executive. Above all, for your support at all times to executive.

Our election into office was made possible by your efforts, after the structural changes, which were ignited by the Caretaker committee. The members of the executive committee are active to duty, and our teamwork has been displayed positively during our outings. 
Attractive services have been offered to our members and a terrain has been established to allow fresh blood into the mainstream of the society.

We harnessed, and above all, we imbibed confidence of members, and explored avenues, of which to market and stabilize the Igbo association as apex organization for all Igbo bodies; and give room for the future generation to be part of the society.

Our ability to sustain the legacy of our society lies in our readiness as an entity to integrate and cooperate with our sub-unit Igbo associations; liaise with Nigerian ethnic nationalities, Igbo regional associations and the National Association of Nigerian Community in Austria.

Our Igbo elders and opinion builders are the corner stones and integrative forces that give energy to the arteries, the live wire of the Igbo Cultural Society.

Questions have arisen about what this executive is up or can to deliver.
Questions have been asked: when shall we procure another Igbo Hall?
Questions have been asked: when do we start Igbo language lessons for our younger generation?
Questions have been thrown across the board: what projects and benefits do we envisage, to help alleviate the plights and sufferings of our people in the southeastern states of Nigeria.

These are pertinent questions, which require concrete answers. This executive is very concerned about the above mentioned issues and it is gradually putting the foundations together, towards realizing them.
Lest we forget, the Igbo Cultural Society needs to take her faith in her hand. Our cooperative partners cannot do everything alone for us. Let our aspirations be to achieve the aims and objectives of our society.

We feel for our members and thank them for their sacrifices, which they make at any instance they are called to do so. It is our aim to achieve less dependency, but kindly bear with us, as “those who are about to make mighty fires first start with the weaker straws”.
We wish the entire members of the Igbo Cultural Society a fulfilled twenty years anniversary and New Yam Festival 2016.

May all your efforts continue to bear fruits on the fertile grounds you have helped to provide?
May our good God continue to strengthen us and give us the courage and will power to remain coherent, and to achieve the aims and objectives of the Igbo Cultural Society Austria (ICS)?
Happy Anniversary!

Happy New Yam Festival 2016!

Igbo kwenu! Igbo Muonu!! Igbo Zuonu!!!   Igbo kwezuonu!!!!
Your Executive Committee Members:

  • Chairman: Mag.Pharm.Dominic Aghaizu
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr. Godwin Nwafor
  • General Secretary: Mr. Chukwuemeka Agu
  • Asst. General Secretary: Mr. Justine Egonu
  • Social Secretary: Mr. Ikenna Afuchie
  • Asst. Social Secretary: Mr. Chris Ajuzie
  • Financial Secretary: Ing. John Okeke
  • Treasurer: Dr. Francis Ogoegbunam
  • Provost: Mr. Peter Chinaemelu
  • Asst. Provost: Mr. Emmanuel Chukwujekwu